dōTerra Wholesale Account Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some questions about the dōTerra wholesale account:

1. Does the wholesale account require me to “sell” oils, hold a stock of products, make deliveries, etc.

No. Setting up a wholesale account (Wellness Advocate) is like joining Costco or any other wholesale membership club. You pay an fee and then you are able to purchase oils at a discounted price. No other requirements.

2. Are there any fees involved with my wholesale account?

The cost to set up your wholesale membership is $35. This fee is included in the enrollment kits available for purchase. Yearly membership renewal is $25 and you’ll get a free 15 ML bottle of peppermint as a thank you. You’ll have the normal account fees such as shipping, tax, etc. with your purchases.

3. What is the Loyalty Rewards Program:

This is doTerra’s monthly oil club. We love buying products this way. It’s so fun and convenient to have favorite products delivered to you each month. It’s completely optional. If you choose to set up your monthly order template it allows you to spread out your purchases from month to month and earn a percentage back from all your purchases and FREE product. You pick what your box contains and how much you want to spend each month.

This is the best and most cost effective way to purchase products from doTERRA. We like to compare it to a layaway plan mixed with a frequent flyer rewards program. It’s completely editable and you can replace the items, shipping, and payment method for each order each  month. Save up your earned credits and spend them like cash for doTerra products.

4. What if I want to sell or get my products for free?

If you are interested in earning enough in commissions to pay for your own products, or even more- there are a few more requirement. You must have a Loyalty Rewards Program order each month of 100 PV or more. Once this is in place, you can begin to refer people to doTERRA, teach them about essential oils, and start earning a commission on the product they buy.

5. Once I start my account, is there product training? How will I know how to use the oils?

We have AMAZING training options as a team. You can learn how to use essential oils from your own home. We have online classes, webinars, and other training programs in place to help you feel completely comfortable using essential oils.  We even have some amazing Facebook Groups that you can be a part of to interact with hundreds of other doTERRA essential oil users.