Hi! We’re Susan & Randy Gallo. Thanks for visiting our doTerra website!

We have been using dōTERRA essential oils in our family for over 3 years. DoTerra truly started our whole family on a journey to a healthier lifestyle. We can say that a wholesale membership with this company was definitely the catalyst for change in our life. We’re parents to 4 kids and 10 grandchildren and these oils have changed the way our family promotes wellness and treats illness. Being healthy is so much simpler.

We use them for everything from supporting our health to cooking to cleaning products. We love that we can do ALL of those things with the same products and THEY WORK!

Beyond impacting our physical and emotional health, dōTerra has impacted our financial health. In both of our careers we never thought that we’d be part of a wellness company. It was not on our radar at all. But because they made such a huge impact in our day to day life, we couldn’t stop sharing them. The decision to open our mouths and share, build, & lead with this company has been empowering.  It’s so amazing to see the ripple continue and see other’s lives changing in health and prosperity as well. It’s become a huge passion of ours now and we LOVE being apart of a company that does so much good.

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